Warning issued to Ekiti public officials regarding damage of government properties

Public officials in Ekiti State have been cautioned against the careless or deliberate destruction of public assets, with a firm stance that such behavior will not be tolerated any longer.

These officials have also been encouraged to responsibly maintain office furniture, equipment, vehicles, and other government-owned assets under their supervision.

During a verification tour of various Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) in Ado Ekiti to assess their operational conditions and enhance efficiency in service delivery, the Director General of the Ekiti State Office of Transformation and Service Delivery, Dr. John Ekundayo, emphasized the importance of upholding the six strategic actionable pillars of the Governor Biodun Oyebanji administration.

The primary objective of this exercise is to ensure that all MDAs are functioning in alignment with the government’s goals and to maintain a conducive work environment. Dr. Ekundayo highlighted the substantial investments made by Governor Oyebanji in providing essential facilities such as utility vehicles, office spaces, and furniture to facilitate the smooth operation of government activities. He urged users to protect and utilize these resources properly.

Dr. Ekundayo acknowledged that the government may not be able to address every request simultaneously, therefore necessitating MDAs to implement measures to prevent any misuse or damage to public assets. He expressed discontent towards the lackadaisical attitude of some public officers towards government property and equipment, advising them to handle these resources with a sense of ownership and responsibility.

The Oyebanji administration remains dedicated to fostering an employee-friendly environment in the state to ensure optimal productivity. The government’s commitment to providing the necessary tools to support the success of the administration will persist.

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