Unveiling of Ashimolowo’s N6bn Makarios Aquatic Park by Sanwo-Olu

The Makarios Aquatic Park, situated in Aiyeteru, Ibeju along the Lekki-Epe Expressway in Lagos, was unveiled on Sunday by Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

With a budget of N6bn, this project is hailed as the first multi-sensory aquatic park in sub-Saharan Africa.

Intended to provide a distinctive recreational experience, the innovative park is poised to become a key attraction, fostering tourism and boosting the local economy in the region.

The brainchild of Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, the project signifies a dedication to elevating the area into a premier destination for residents and visitors alike.

An entrepreneur and the founder of Kingsway International Christian Centre, KICC, as well as the Chairman of Makarios Luxury Properties Limited, Ashimolowo spearheaded the development.

Sanwo-Olu, along with numerous dignitaries, experienced a mesmerizing spectacle of water jets synchronized with musical rhythms and expressed his fascination with the power of imagination materializing into reality.

He remarked, “Showcasing elements we often witness in other parts of the world and introducing them here deserves acknowledgment and appreciation. We, as your government, take pride in this exceptional creation.

“Our role is to facilitate the materialization of greater achievements. As Lagos evolves into a future we all aspire to, it remains a resilient and visionary state.

“Encouraged by investments from both locals and foreigners in the city, we are committed to supporting such endeavors. This launch marks the commencement of a series of transformative projects at Makarios.”

The governor lauded Ashimolowo for the substantial investment, recognizing the Lekki corridor as the fastest-growing in Africa, where luxury living and properties will continue to distinguish the area from others.

“Introducing this project here as a teaser for the forthcoming development is truly inspirational,” added Sanwo-Olu.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the Makarios Aquatic Park, Ashimolowo disclosed his ambition to position Lagos as a global hub of refinement and leisure, drawing inspiration from his time in Dubai during the pandemic.

The preacher and author envisioned redefining waterfront living by bringing Dubai’s iconic waterfront essence to Lagos, Nigeria.

Moreover, he noted the lack of recreational spots in Nigeria, especially for children, which motivated him to contribute towards providing solutions and establishing tourist attractions in Nigeria.

“I am pleased to have played a part in addressing this challenge and avoiding joining the choir of Nigerians in the diaspora who merely lament. I aim to be a problem solver,” Ashimolowo emphasized.

Describing the Makarios Aquatic Park as an extraordinary water show, he highlighted its exceptional features that blend water, sound, and music into a captivating experience.

The Makarios Water Fountain, with its distinct water screen in the center, boasts 180 pumps releasing water up to 12 meters high, creating a mesmerizing display.

The Makarios Ecosystem encompasses both business and leisure districts, designed to cater to the upper middle class and affluent demographic. Alongside the Aquatic Park, the Makarios Luxury Place will offer a seamless blend of work, leisure, and luxury. Ongoing developments include a grand shopping mall spanning 8000 square meters, an upscale hotel, and a 10-storey Imperial Towers housing over 800 living units, ranging from stylish apartments to elegant terraced and detached houses.

“Makarios is more than a mere residence; it’s an experience. Our vision is to create a lifestyle that transcends boundaries, shaping a world where dreams become reality,” he stated.

The Makarios Aquatic Park will open to the public on Saturday, June 15, 2024.

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