Tragic Incident in India: Billboard Collapse Results in Loss of Lives and Injuries

The collapse of a large billboard in Mumbai, caused by intense thunderstorms, has led to the tragic death of 14 individuals and left 75 others wounded.

Following the incident on Monday evening, a rescue operation was promptly initiated, with authorities informing the Press Trust of India news agency that 89 individuals had been successfully rescued by Tuesday morning.

The heavy rains and strong winds were responsible for the collapse of the 30-meter, 100-foot-tall billboard onto a gas station in Ghatkopar suburb.

Videos circulated on social media and TV displayed the billboard violently shaking in the midst of powerful winds before ultimately toppling over onto numerous vehicles parked at the gas station, causing severe damage and crushing the cars beneath it.

Throughout Monday night, rescue teams meticulously combed through the debris searching for bodies, employing heavy machinery to dismantle the metal girders supporting the billboard structure.

The efforts to clear the area persisted into Tuesday, with remnants of destroyed cars and debris scattered around.

An official from the city revealed to Press Trust of India that over 125 rescuers were actively engaged in the operation, including specialized teams equipped with glass cutters and cranes to manage the wreckage. It was noted that authorities are conducting an inquiry into the incident, claiming that the billboard was unlawfully installed.

As per the official statement, 32 of the injured individuals have already been discharged from the hospital.

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