Top Reasons Cryptocurrency Market May Hit $100 Trillion

Reasons Crypto Market May Hit $100 Trillion

During the current bearing trend in the global cryptocurrency market, where prices are constantly fluctuating with looming uncertainties, it is easy to overlook the larger picture. The figures reveal a tale of hardship: a market capitalization of $2.26 trillion, a minor 0.35% drop in just one day, and a total trading volume of $67.78 billion within the last 24 hours, showing a 5.56% decrease. However, amidst this storm, a glimmer of hope can be seen – a future envisioned by analysts and experts, who envision a world where these current figures are insignificant compared to the potential future. Is the crypto market on the verge of a monumental transformation, potentially reaching an impressive $100 trillion despite the obstacles it currently faces? Let’s explore the reasons why this bold possibility may not be as far-fetched as it appears.

1. The Global Liquidity Cycle

Raoul Pal, a popular financial expert and analyst, shared his analysis of the global liquidity cycle, offering a convincing structure for understanding the direction of the cryptocurrency market. After the 2008 financial crisis, central banks globally have started an unprecedented monetary expansion, reducing interest rates and injecting liquidity into the markets.

This pattern, referred to by Pal as the “Macro Summer and Fall,” has been beneficial for growth assets such as cryptocurrencies.

Pal’s recognition of the cyclical nature present in the liquidity cycle emphasizes its importance as a key factor in fueling asset expansion. As global debt rises, causing fiat currencies to lose value, investors are turning to alternative sources of value, driving up asset prices.

In this setting, digital currencies arise as a built-in protection against inflation and devaluation of money, boosting interest and pushing market value to record levels

2. The Adoption Curve

The fast rate of adoption is another important factor that is fueling the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market. Pointing out similarities to the rapid increase of the internet, Pal underscores the importance of Metcalfe’s Law in comprehending this occurrence.

Comparing active crypto wallets to IP addresses provides a glimpse into the rapid pace of adoption, setting the stage for a significant rise in market capitalization.

The Adoption Curve
The Adoption Curve (Source: Raoul Pal on X)

Chris Burniske agrees with this belief, picturing a cryptocurrency market on the verge of a major breakthrough. Burniske’s prediction is in line with Pal’s optimistic perspective, boosting confidence in the cryptocurrency industry as the market approaches $10 trillion.

3. Institutional Adoption and Market Expansion

The bullish sentiment towards cryptocurrencies is not exclusive to professionals within the industry. Brad Garlinghouse’s forecast of a $5 trillion market by the end of 2024 demonstrates increasing certainty among institutional investors. The attractiveness of cryptocurrencies as a feasible investment option is fueled by factors like the emergence of spot ETFs and decreasing supply.

Additionally, Bernstein’s positive assessment of Robinhood highlights the ongoing expansion of the overall market. Bernstein’s analysis predicts cryptocurrency revenue will nearly triple by 2025, indicating a market ready for exponential growth.


With the expected rise of the cryptocurrency market driven by macroeconomic trends, increased adoption, and institutional interest, the possibility of reaching $100 trillion looks more realistic. Despite facing obstacles in the future, the strong foundation supporting this expansion is still sturdy. With leaders such as Raoul Pal and Chris Burniske spearheading the way, the crypto market could be geared towards a paradigm shift of unparalleled magnitude.

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