The NCC supports the NICO retreat

The Nigerian Communications Commission has approved the National Institute for Cultural Orientation’s use of the Digital Bridge Institute for its upcoming executive cultural orientation retreat shortly after endorsing shortcodes for cultural content.

The event aims to educate public and private sector policymakers on Nigerian culture, customs, and traditions, as per a statement released on Sunday.

During a recent meeting between NICO’s management and the NCC’s executive vice chairman, NICO was granted authorization to utilize the DBI facility.

Emphasizing the importance of aligning laws and policies with the cultural identities of Nigerians, NICO’s Executive Secretary and CEO, Otunba Biodun Ajiboye, highlighted that the retreat is open to policymakers from various sectors, including private sector executives.

Ajiboye explained that the retreat is a platform for lawmakers, local government chairmen, state commissioners, special advisers, and private sector leaders to gain insight into Nigeria’s customs, traditions, and culture.

The programme is also expected to benefit foreign investors and diplomats by providing them with a deeper understanding of local cultural contexts.

Drawing attention to challenges faced by telecommunications companies due to cultural awareness issues, Ajiboye cited examples like resistance to mast installations and problems with underground cables.

NICO reached out to the national assembly, encouraging lawmakers from both chambers to participate in the cultural orientation exercise.

In a show of commitment to supporting cultural re-orientation, the NCC mandated telecommunication companies to ensure subscribers have access to cultural content.

Furthermore, the NCC considered NICO’s proposal for telecommunication operators to incorporate cultural content through caller tunes, shortcodes, and robocalls for disseminating cultural information.

The collaboration between NCC and NICO aims to integrate cultural content into Nigeria’s digital sphere, nurturing a stronger cultural identity for future generations.

Highlighting the importance of reinforcing cultural values among Nigerians, the NCC’s Executive Vice Chairman, Aminu Maida, cautioned against the risks foreign content poses to the country’s cultural heritage if domestic content creation does not increase.

Maida stressed the pivotal role NICO plays in shaping the nation’s culture by producing content that reflects and preserves Nigerian cultural values.

Emphasizing the necessity of addressing the lack of cultural identity in Nigerian media, Maida called for deliberate efforts to ensure that content, including Nigerian movies, is more rooted in the country’s culture.

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