The death of 4 Nigerian soldiers in Katsina confirmed by Defence Headquarters

Confirming the incident, the Nigerian military acknowledged the loss of four soldiers who were part of Operation Hadarin Daji.

The attack occurred when terrorists targeted a military camp in the Faskari Local Government Area of Katsina State over the weekend.

In an update provided on Tuesday by the Director of Defence Media Operations, Edward Buba clarified that the number of casualties was four, and not five as previously reported.

Detailing the events, he mentioned that there were two separate ambushes, during which five soldiers sustained minor injuries while defending Nigeria’s territorial integrity in the second confrontation.

Describing the encounters, he stated, “On 12 May 2024, troops of Operation HADARIN DAJI faced 2 separate ambushes at Kuran Mota Village and along Road Alikere – Yarmalimai Village in Zamfara State.”

Despite putting up a strong fight to overcome the situations, casualties were reported with four soldiers losing their lives in action, and three others being wounded in the first ambush.

Regarding the second ambush, he mentioned, “5 soldiers suffered minor gunshot wounds and were promptly evacuated to FOB Faskari for medical attention, where their condition has been stabilized.”

Emphasizing the effectiveness of the military operations, he highlighted that the troops had consistently neutralized terrorists in their engagements, also noting the supportive role played by the air components during the ambush.

He mentioned, “Joint efforts of ground and air forces played a crucial role in inflicting heavy casualties on the terrorist groups, disrupting their plans significantly due to the adjustments made by our troops to maintain supremacy on the battlefield.”

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