Teesside University in the UK Sends Nigerian Students Home due to Unpaid Fees

Reports indicate that Nigerian students studying at Teesside University in the United Kingdom have been instructed to leave the institution and return to Nigeria as a result of outstanding fees.

According to the BBC, Teesside University explained that this measure aligns with the immigration regulations of the UK.

A university spokesperson quoted by the BBC mentioned, “Teesside University takes pride in its status as an international institution with a diverse student body. However, it also recognizes its obligations in terms of visa issuance and compliance.

They added, “These stringent external regulations are in place to ensure that the university upholds a strong immigration system, although they fall beyond the direct control of the institution.”

Citing non-payment as a violation of visa sponsorship regulations, the university stated that it had no alternative but to take this course of action. The institution emphasized that it had attempted to assist affected students, including offering tailored payment schemes.

Outside the campus, many students staged a protest on Tuesday, criticizing the university for its perceived lack of empathy and fairness.

One student, Adenike Ibrahim, explained to the BBC that she was on the verge of submitting her dissertation when she was removed from her course due to payment difficulties.

Despite now settling her fees in full, she is required to leave the UK alongside her young child and is unable to re-enroll.

“I admit there was a delay in paying, but I had already covered 90% of my tuition fees and attended all my classes,” she shared with the broadcaster. “I reached out to them to find a resolution, but they seemed indifferent to the plight of their students.”

Regarding this issue, the Home Office remarked that decisions on visa sponsorship, including withdrawal thereof, lie with the sponsoring organization.

It advised individuals whose visas are curtailed or rescinded to take necessary actions to regularize their status or make arrangements to exit the UK.

In correspondence, the Home Office informed the affected students that they do not possess the right to lodge an appeal in this matter.

As of the time of reporting, there has been no response from the Nigerian Government, led by President Bola Tinubu, to address the challenges faced by the students overseas.

This development unfolds against the backdrop of Nigeria grappling with foreign exchange constraints and a sharp increase in inflation, which jumped to 33.69% in April.

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