Stop bullying people with my fan page – Toyin Abraham begs fans

  • Toyin Abraham took to her Instagram story to beg her fans to refrain from bullying others for her sake.
  • Some of her fans responded , noting that they will always defend her whenever they have the opportunity to

Nollywood actress and producer Toyin Abraham has made a passionate appeal to her fans and followers, imploring them to refrain from bullying or cursing others in her name.

Toyin Abraham took to her Instagram story and X account to share a message, urging her fans to desist from using her fan page to harass or abuse others.

She emphasized that she would rather bear the brunt of bullying herself than have others suffer in her name.

She wrote:

Please don’t use a fan page created in my name to bully or curse anyone let people bully curse and abuse me as long as they wish or want. The Lord is my strength and will always be my strength please.”

Stop bullying people with my fan page – Toyin Abraham begs fans Dmartpreneur

Her followers and supporters rallied behind her, offering words of encouragement and solidarity.

One Opeyemi Irene commented:

We understand that sometimes we need to respond to negativity, but God is always with you, Mum Ire.” Another fan defended her, saying, “We won’t tolerate any slander or insults against you or your personality; we’ll respond with equal force.”

“Omo, people Dey do a lot this days… I understand sometimes that we have to reply them or interact with them, because only gods knows what you did wrong that they always find fault in what you do. God be with you Mum Ire.”

Chi white wrote: “You expect Someone like me to folds hands…?? Be like you don forget where I de follow U from, you have forgotten days of humble beginning abi? Make person soil ur name, make I fold? TOYIN, AYA AJEYEMI bami soro na,” another fan said in her defense.

“We no go hear, any slander or insult to you or your personality will be met with equal and proportionate response”

One Chef Chomzy wrote: “No matter how good you are to people, they will still get back at you with ill and defame words.”

However, not everyone shared the same sentiment. One commenter with the user name Dan bonny disagreed, stating:

When you fuvked up… Netizen will treat your fuvk up. That’s what it is, we don’t celebrate hypocrisy and the masses matter.”

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