Saucy Santana Reacts To DJ Akademiks Rape Allegations

Saucy Santana responds to DJ Akademiks being sued for rape and causing emotional distress.

We previously reported that DJ Akademiks is being accused of severely injuring a woman after he sexually assaulted her.

According to court documents, Livingston ‘Akademiks’ Allen is being sued by his ex-girlfriend, Ziya Abashe.

Abashe alleged that in July 2022, Akademiks invited her to his house. She alleges that she was drugged by his two friends, got her drug and raped her. She recalls “being awakened naked in a bed in what she believed was Mr. Allen’s bedroom. She believes this was around 4 a.m. She was awoken by Mr. Allen savagely, pulling her hair, prying open her legs, and…brutally raping her.”

“Mr. Allen and his two accomplices’ sexual assault severely injured Ms. Abashe, causing significant physical and psychological pain and suffering, loss of dignity, and invasion of her privacy,” she wrote in the lawsuit. “Mr. Allen’s public statements added to the harm Ms. Abashe was already silently suffering with.”

Saucy Santana- who has had public disputes with the streamer- responds to the allegations. He calls Akademiks a “freaky b**ch.” Take a look below.

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