‘Sabigays’: The ongoing debate as Ayra Starr embraces LGBTQ supporters during Brazil performance

Ayra Starr, a Nigerian singer, ignited a virtual firestorm following her warm reception of LGBTQ fans at a recent show in Brazil.

At the C6 Festival in São Paulo, during her live performance, LGBTQ supporters were spotted holding up signs bearing messages like “We Are Your Sabigays” and “We [love emoji] You Ayra.”

The term “Sabigays” used by LGBTQ fans is a tribute to Ayra Starr’s moniker, Sabi Girl.

Shortly after the event, a member of the LGBTQ community identified by the handle @miketrindade posted photos of his interaction with Ayra Starr, captioning it, “Today I met my Starrrrrr [crying, praying and love emoji] @ayrastarr.”

The post quickly gained traction online, eliciting a spectrum of reactions, particularly from Nigerians.

Ayra Starr herself later shared the post on her Instagram story.

Below is a compilation of some of the responses on X as curated by NewsNow:

@GeorgeDanso97: “Let’s speak the truth. An artist who is openly intolerant of the LGBTQ community will find it tough to break into the American or Western music scenes. The LGBTQ supporters contribute significantly to an artist’s success. Unless, of course, the artist harbors hidden homophobic tendencies.”

@AGRF9: “The moment the LGBTQ community starts endorsing you, it signifies a lasting career in the industry. This support base has helped sustain the careers of iconic female artists like Madonna, Beyoncé, Mariah, Nicki, and many others. They are undying supporters.”

@DemoOFUK: “If Ayra can leverage the LGBTQ market and infuse ‘rainbow’ themes into her music, she can become a global sensation, backed by this community.

“Why the fuss? Inclusivity is essential in all spheres. Even major Netflix productions now reflect this trend. So, what’s the issue? It’s a time for unity.”

@harrisonJNIOR: “She might not require LGBTQ backing. If she does seek it, she might gain support but risk losing her Nigerian fanbase.”

@NGeeNius: “This is nonsense. She doesn’t need the endorsement of this unnatural group. Ayra Starr is already on an upward trajectory in her career. She doesn’t need to pander to anyone.”

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