Rev Mbaya’s Warning to Pastors: Church Should Avoid Opposition and Tribalism

Reverend Daniel Y.C. Mbaya, the President of the Church of the Brethren Nigeria, has advised preachers to maintain reverence for the pulpit.

Speaking at the inauguration service of Principal Officers of the EYN Church (Church of the Brethren), Rev Mbaya urged pastors not to categorize themselves as superior to others, using terms like ‘yaran wane’ or ‘ya’yan wane.’

Present at the event were prominent figures including the Executive Governor of Adamawa State, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum of Borno State, Minister of Education Prof. Mamman Tahir, Senator Amos Yohanna, Senator Ishaku Abbo, and other dignitaries.

In his address, Rev Mbaya emphasized the need for unity within the Church, stating, “Let us all see ourselves as ‘Ya’yan Yesu, Ya’yan Ekklesiya ne ba Ya’yan wani ba from this moment onward.”

He continued, “We must reject the concept of ‘Yan Adawa, opposition’ within the Church, as differences in opinions should not create divisions. We should strive to respect those of different faiths and maintain peace within our communities.”

Rev Mbaya also highlighted the importance of fostering good relationships with traditional rulers, leaders of other faiths, and various communities to eradicate tribalism and promote unity within the EYN.

Further addressing pastors, he urged them to uphold the sanctity of the pulpit, emphasizing that it is a place for delivering God’s word, not for insults or abuses.

He concluded by urging his colleagues to refrain from making statements like, ‘Yanzu namu ne a ciki’ which could breed a sense of superiority.

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