Pro-XRP Lawyer Slams Bitcoin Maxis & Gensler Amid ETH ETF Approval

Pro-XRP Lawyer Slams Bitcoin Maxis & Gensler Amid ETH ETF Approval

The recent approval of the spot Ethereum ETFs by the U.S. SEC has sparked a frenzy across the global crypto landscape. Despite a cloud of uncertainty surrounding the matter for an extended period, the sudden green light to the Ethereum exchange-traded fund has birthed optimism for ETH. However, the joy for the approval isn’t universal, as pro-XRP lawyer Bill Morgan spotlighted today. The list of gloomy people on approval includes Bitcoin maxis, Gary Gensler, and some politicians, as proclaimed by the pro-XRP lawyer, highlighting the stark contrast in reactions.

Gary Gensler and BTC Maxis ‘Unhappy’?

According to Bill Morgan’s post on X, “The only people unhappy about the Ethereum ETF approval seem to be some politicians, Gary Gensler, and Bitcoin Maxis.” In his post, Morgan reposted another post by a Bitcoin enthusiast named ‘sunnydecree,’ making the abovementioned comment.

For context, Sunnydecade’s post illustrated a sense of dismay at the U.S. SEC’s approval of the spot Ethereum ETF, to which Morgan appears to have taken a dig. This was followed by the unfolding of other events that further hint that the pro-XRP lawyer is spot on.

In a May 23 post, Michael Saylor, a renowned Bitcoin bull and the founder of Microstrategy, said, “All your models are destroyed when Godzilla arrives. Bitcoin.” This has further caused tongues to wag across the crypto industry.

Moreover, in another post shared by Samson Mow, a well-known Bitcoin enthusiast, the ETH ETF approval was bowled over, adding to Morgan being dead right on the matter.

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Not All Bitcoin Maxis Are Unhappy

Intriguingly, contrary to the abovementioned stance on ETH ETF by most Bitcoin maxis, another BTC enthusiast, ‘The Bitcoin Therapist,’ took a bullish view on the matter. The maxi anticipated the ETH ETF would bring a substantial amount of capital into the crypto ecosystem, acting as a catalyst.

This phenomenon has garnered noteworthy attention across the global crypto landscape, coming in tandem with ETH’s status as a security lawsuit. With the ETF approval weighing in on the matter, mixed sentiments on the lawsuit’s potential outcome prevail in the broader market.

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