President Biden Challenges Trump to Two Debates

On Wednesday, United States President Joe Biden issued a direct challenge to Donald Trump for two televised debates scheduled to take place in June and September.

Instead of accepting the three debates proposed by the bipartisan US Election Debates Commission, Biden has opted for two face-offs without an audience, to be hosted by news organizations.

In a video shared on his social media platform, Biden stated, “Donald Trump lost to me in two debates back in 2020. Despite that, he has avoided participating in debates since. It seems like he’s now indicating his interest in debating me once again. Well, I’m up for it, buddy. In fact, I’ll do it twice.”

Biden also taunted Trump regarding his current legal troubles, specifically referencing the ongoing criminal trial in New York which is currently on a mid-week pause.

“So, let’s agree on the dates, Donald. I’ve heard Wednesdays work best for you,” Biden remarked.

The two political rivals, Biden and Trump, have engaged in a back-and-forth for several months over the debate schedule. Traditionally, debates have played a crucial role in US presidential election campaigns, but uncertainty loomed over whether they would proceed this time around.

Labeling Biden as “the WORST debater I have ever faced,” Trump pushed for a “very large venue,” despite acknowledging that Biden supposedly has concerns about large crowds.

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