Portable’s former manager Stelliza reportedly dead

  • Portable’s ex-manager, Stelliza, tragically passed away on Sunday, May 19, following a car accident.
  • The sudden and heartbreaking news deeply disturbed skitmaker Kamo State and numerous social media users, who mourned her untimely death and expressed their sorrow online.

Olwatosin Adeseyan, known to many as Stelliza, a former manager of the controversial singer Portable, is dead.

Reports indicate that Stelliza lost her life early this morning, April 19th, in a devastating car crash while returning from a nightclub.

The heartbreaking news was first shared by gossip blogger Cutie Juls, who took to social media to announce Stelliza’s sudden passing.

The revelation sent shockwaves through the online community, with notable personalities like skitmaker Kamo State and countless others flocking to her page to express their grief and pay their respects.


Portable’s former manager Stelliza reportedly dead Dmartpreneur

Portable’s former manager Stelliza reportedly dead Dmartpreneur Portable’s former manager Stelliza reportedly dead Dmartpreneur

The tragic news comes just months after Stelliza was publicly dismissed by the label’s boss, Portable, in November 2023.

Her termination was clouded with controversy as Portable accused her of financial misappropriation after they had spent over a year working together.

The dismissal letter issued by Portable was scathing, leaving little to the imagination.

He accused Stelliza of lacking transparency, integrity, and ethical business practices, painting a picture of betrayal and deceit that had allegedly plagued their professional relationship.

Video of Portable Omolalomi getting into a verbal altercation with his manager, Stelliza also made the rounds.

The clip began with a woman narrating how she paid a sum of N2.5M to Stelliza regarding Portable’s performance at her show. However, Portable told the woman that Stelliza said she paid N2M and this was why he refused to accept her offer.

Stelliza was subsequently summoned to the spot to share her side of the story but failed to give any valid explanation causing a shouting match between her and Portable who accused her of ripping him off his show money.

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