New generation artists need to respect legends – ID Cabasa

  • ID Cabasa said for peace to reign in the Nigerian music industry, there has to be mutual understanding between the new generation artists and veterans.
  • He stated that the newbies need to respect the veterans, and the veterans need to be more honourable.

Veteran record producer ID Cabasa, born Olumide Ogunade, has spoken out about the ongoing conflict between new generation artists and industry legends.

His comments comes after a public feud between Eedris Abdulkareem and Burna Boy, which sparked a heated debate on social media.

In a recent episode of the Afrobeats Podcast, ID Cabasa emphasized the need for mutual respect and understanding between new artists and veterans.

New generation artists need to respect legends – ID Cabasa Dmartpreneur
ID Cabasa

According to ID Cabasa, new generation artists must show respect to the legends who paved the way, while veterans must conduct themselves with honor.

He further emphasized that the OGs (original gangsters) should be respected, and that veterans should support young artists instead of being overly critical.

He said:

The new guys need to respect the OGs. The OGs need to be more honourable. You are not competing against these guys. If you see yourself as a competition to these guys, what you’ve done is that you’ve mortgaged your honour.”

In another story, ID Cabasa opens up on why he fell out with 9ice .

Cabasa recently told media personality Chude Jideonwo in a recent interview, that 9ice was angry by his decision to continue working with his ex-wife, Toni Seun Payne.

Recall that Payne oversaw artists for Cabasa’s Coded Tunes Record, which also featured Olamide and rapper 9ice.

After the pair split up, Cabasa chose to keep working with Payne, which 9ice found disappointing and unwanting.

Cabasa had explained his decision to retain Payne on his squad.

The music producer claims that he carried it out so as to enable 9ice to keep a close contact with ex-wife Payne and their son, Zion, who he might never see again if his ex-wife had left with him to abroad.

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