Minister: Embrace of Community Policing by Nigeria in Tinubu’s First Year

In the past nine months, since his appointment by President Bola Tinubu and throughout the first year of the Tinubu Administration, Minister of Police Affairs, Ibrahim Gaidam, detailed his accomplishments.

Gaidam, along with other ministers, presented his achievements on the second day of the Ministerial Sectoral Updates conducted at the National Press Centre, Abuja, marking one year of the Tinubu Administration.

Collaboration within the Nigeria Police Force has resulted in the development and implementation of a Revitalized Police Agenda and Transformation Roadmap – a bold initiative to address current challenges and transform the Nigeria Police Force into a modern, proactive, and efficient institution.

Key areas of focus in the pursuit of the Renewed Hope policing vision include Infrastructure Development enhancement, boosting Technical and Operational Efficiency of the Nigeria Police Force, improving Welfare within the NPF, establishing a Robust Policy framework for policing in Nigeria, and prioritizing the Wellness of NPF Officers.

The Minister highlighted the emphasis on strengthening community policing and fostering Public Trust in the Nigeria Police Force, as well as rebranding the NPF and instilling confidence in the Force among citizens.

Regarding the Ministry’s achievements over the past year, Gaidam mentioned the establishment of the National Criminal Data Fusion Center (NCDFC) for the Nigeria Police Force, the reinforcement of the West African Police Information System (WAPIS), and the automation of Police Specialized Services.

Additionally, strides were made with the launch of the Special Intervention Squad (SIS), enhanced deployment of tactical squads, a strategic shift towards E-Policing, improved Highways and Train Safety Measures, infrastructural enhancements at the Police Academy, and an increased focus on Community Policing and citizen engagement.

The Minister emphasized the full adoption of community-oriented policing within the Nigeria Police system, recognizing its importance in creating a safer environment nationwide.

Under his leadership, the Ministry of Police Affairs facilitated the promotion of 3,071 education officers within the police education system, addressing arrears owed for over five years. Furthermore, the Police Pension Bill is currently under review to enhance the welfare of police officers while establishing the Nigeria Police Veterans Foundation to support retired police officers.

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