Minimum wage: Borno workers paid as low as N6,000 to N8,000 – Group

Borno Workers Receive as Low as N6,000 to N8,000 as Minimum Wage, Says Group

The Labour Veterans and Trade Unionists Assembly has expressed disapproval over the meager salaries paid to workers in Borno State. According to Comrade Isa Tijani, the National Interim Chairman of the labour veterans, workers in the state are being paid as little as N6,000 to N8,000 as minimum wage.

A statement issued by Tijani on Tuesday also criticized the arbitrary deductions from workers’ salaries. The group warned that if this issue is not rectified, workers in other states may also be subject to similar exploitation.

Tijani stated, “It is disheartening to acknowledge that in Borno state, many workers in various local governments are currently receiving a minimum wage of only N6,000 to N8,000. This is not just deplorable, but a blatant display of modern-day slavery in the 21st century.”

The group called on the Governor to take immediate action by ensuring that all eligible workers are paid the agreed-upon amount even before the new Minimum Wage is implemented. They also urged the Governor to put a stop to any unauthorized deductions in the guise of relief packages or the purchase of vehicles for local government officials.

Expressing concern over the situation in Borno state, Tijani emphasized the need for labor leaders to address the issue of full wage implementation before the new National Minimum Wage becomes law, to prevent similar exploitation in other states.

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