Lots Of Irregularities In Former Rivers Administration, Wike Should Be Probed, Says Ihunwo

Leader, Simplified Movement, Obio-Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State, Hon. Chijioke Ihunwo in an interview on Wednesday with ARISE NEWS has stated that there were lots of irregularities in the administration of former Rovers Governor Nyesom Wike. 

“I am from Obio-Akpor LGA, the same LGA with the former governor of Rivers state. It is clear that Wike was the governor for this state for 8 years and nobody interrupted him. The state was more or less inside his pocket for 8 years.  The current governor in the swearing in of the attorney general said we must probe the past administration.”

He further explained that this investigation will dig into the handling of government properties to individuals during Wike’s administration.

“In Rivers state things that belong to the state government were seeded to private individuals and the governor has said we must investigate the former administration and let the properties that were given to his friends be returned back to the Rivers state government.”

Wike also did it to Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi when he became governor, he probed Amaechi’s government. What goes around comes around.

Ihunwo expressed his thoughts towards Governor Fubara being wanted for 435 billion in 2022 by the EFCC, while highlighting the importance of the probe to find out who’s guilty.

“The current governor of Rivers state was the accountant general of the state and the money we are talking about was Rivers state money. You can’t ask about the money without mentioning Wike. He should be able to tell us why he ordered the governor to withdraw such an amount of money because I feel that’s an allegation. The former governor should be held responsible because he was the chief accountant of Rivers state and not Fubara. So allow the probe to start, so we will know who is guilty.“

He said that the people of Obiako communities are urging Wike to allow Fubara to breathe as governor of the state and are in support of the probe

“The amount of people saying that Wike must be probed- the entire local government are saying that Wike should allow Fubara to breathe as the governor of Rivers state. They have also aligned their stuff with the probe. The Obiako people are in support of the governor.”

“I was a very close associate to the former governor. I am a youth leader in Rivers state, I am very popular, I won’t join in irregularities to say look you want to remove the governor. I supported Governor Wike purely. I even turned to be a spokesman for the governor. The governor has not given anyone kobo to talk about his administration.”

“Former governor Wike was not prepared to hand over. If he was prepared to hand over he would not be giving the former governor a headache.”

 Nancy Mbamalu

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