Labour Party Unfazed by Peter Obi’s Objections to Obidient Movement Directorate – Spokesman

Addressing Thursday’s comments by Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, the National Working Committee (NWC) clarified that they were not disturbed by his objections to the controversial Obidient Movement directorate.

The LP NWC emphasized that Obi had every right to voice his concerns and reassured that there were no plans to remove him from his party leadership position.

In an exclusive interview with our correspondent, the National Publicity Secretary of the LP, Obiora Ifoh, shed light on the perceived discord between Obi and the party.

Last week, Obi publicly criticized the Labour Party’s leadership for establishing the Obidient Movement Directorate and distanced himself from the group’s self-proclaimed leader, Marcel Ngogbehei.

Obi asserted that the Obidient Movement, a crucial pillar of his presidential aspirations, transcended any single political party.

In response, the party’s NWC promptly renamed the contentious directorate to the Directorate of Mobilisation and Integration.

In a discussion with NewsNow, Ifoh underscored that the party harbored no ill feelings towards Obi’s dissent.

When asked why Obi didn’t address his grievances with National Chairman Julius Abure or the NWC internally before going public, the spokesman opted not to comment.

He stated, “There is no reason for the party to be upset. As always, the LP remains united. We are not offended. If we were, we would have issued a statement to that effect. Obi still holds the national leadership role in the Labour Party.

“Moreover, why should his remarks be construed as offensive? The national leader of the party provided a clarification, which was sufficiently clear. He highlighted that the Obidient Movement comprises individuals advocating for good governance, a sentiment I concur with. He further explained that Obidient individuals are not necessarily tied to a specific political party. Indeed, Obidients can be found in various political entities.

“He merely suggested transforming the directorate for Obidients into a mobilisation unit, a suggestion that was promptly rectified. We now have a mobilisation directorate, set for inauguration tomorrow (Saturday). His communication was explicit and deserves respect.”

Obi’s campaign spokesperson, Yunusa Tanko, also believed that his principal’s public dissent should not sow discord within the party.

Tanko remarked, “Such occurrences are natural. Often, they pave the way for stronger unity, safeguarding the party’s essence from those attempting to tarnish it.

“It’s possible that the party will emerge even stronger, resolving any existing tensions. Every problem has a solution.”

The human rights activist maintained that Ngogbehei and others nominated were not the public faces of the Obidient Movement.

Tanko emphasized, “The Obidient Movement speaks with a collective voice, representing an amorphous organization advocating for effective governance. They seek to address corruption in governance, the deteriorating educational system, widespread hunger, and the inflated dollar value.

“The Obidients focus on promoting good leadership, united by Peter Obi’s vision for a new Nigeria. Even Obi himself faces challenges from the movement at times. However, their goal is advancing quality leadership,” he expressed.

The Obidient Movement, comprising young Nigerians who see hope for a better Nigeria in Obi’s candidacy, emerged in the lead-up to the 2023 general elections

The group’s influence was evident as it propelled the Labour Party to a remarkable performance in the February 25 presidential and national legislative elections.

To date, the LP boasts one governor, 35 House of Representatives members, and seven senators among its elected officials.

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