Junior Pope’s family visits Ruby Orjiakor to express gratitude for her exceptional funeral support – VIDEO

  • A heartwarming video has captured the internet’s attention, showing members of Junior Pope’s extended family visiting Ruby Orjiakor after the late actor’s funeral.
  • Ruby, who was exceptionally close to Junior Pope and visibly emotional during his funeral, was honored by this visit.
  • The family visited to express their heartfelt gratitude for Ruby’s unwavering support in this time of grief and for the loyal friendship she shared with Junior Pope while he was alive.

Nollywood sensation Ruby Orjiakor was recently graced with an emotional and heartfelt visit from the family members of her late, cherished colleague and close friend, Junior Pope.

Junior Pope was involved in a tragic boat accident on April 10 that took his life alongside four other movie crew members on the Anam River in Anambra state.

The departed actor was laid to rest in Uwala Abaka, Ukehe, in the Nsukka, Igbo-Etiti local government area of Enugu state on May 17.

Ruby and other celebrities were spotted shedding tears during the funeral occasion, which shook the industry.

In a recent development, the actress who had recently gone viral with videos highlighting her close bond with the late Junior Pope, was visited by his family members.

They arrived to express their profound gratitude and appreciation for her unwavering support and deep friendship with the beloved actor.

In an emotional and heartfelt moment, Junior Pope’s sister, representing other family members who accompanied her, shared a warm side hug with Ruby Orjiakor.

She reminisced fondly about Ruby’s unwavering support during Junior Pope’s funeral, highlighting the deep bond they shared. With genuine affection, she affirmed the family’s profound love and appreciation for Ruby, acknowledging the significant comfort she had provided during their time of grief.

She passionately urged Ruby to lift her spirits, reminding her of the vibrant and lively person she is, and encouraged her to return to her work and embrace her dynamic self once more.

Moved by the heartfelt words and gestures of Junior Pope’s family, Ruby expressed her sincere appreciation for their thoughtful visit.



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