How High Can PEPE Coin Price Go In May 2024?

How High PEPE Meme Coin Can Go In May 2024

PEPE Meme Coin has again outshined the rest of the cryptocurrencies with its recent gains in the market. The frog meme coin has set a new ATH of $0.00001156 even in this declining market, becoming the most profitable meme coin. Not only did PEPE leave Dogecoin and Shiba Inu behind but also the top cryptocurrencies of the market, like Bitcoin, in terms of profit percentages.

The gains were so huge that a trader made $46 Million with only $3K of investment. So, how high can PEPE surge in May? $.0001, $1, or higher? Let us discuss that in this blog.

PEPE Price Performamce

Moments after its launch, PEPE gained more than an insane surge as it became the most favoured coin for investors. PEPE Meme Coin repeated this surge at the beginning of this year, which continued for weeks. It gained a high of $0.000009977, but with the market fall, that came to rest until now.

PEPE created a new all-time high of $0.00001156 just a few hours ago after a 104% gain in a month and a 45% this week. Also, PEPE has had a profit of almost 2000% from its launch and might grow 10x next.

PEPE Meme Coin Price Analysis

At the time of writing, it is trading at $0.00001127 with a market cap of $ 4.74 billion and a trading volume of $3.56 billion. If the surge continues, the PEPE will become part of the top 20 cryptocurrencies based on the market cap.

Can PEPE Achieve $1 in May?

The PEPE Meme Coin appears to continue its bullish rally for now, as the MACD and moving averages still indicate a strong buying spree for this meme coin. The number of PEPE holders is continuously rising, providing an extra push to the PEPE price, but that is still not enough to push the value to $1.

Until now, only a few meme coins that started their journey with lower prices and high quantities, like PEPE, could surge near $1. Even Dogecoin has yet to succeed in surging anywhere near $1, which makes it clear how unrealistic this target of $1 for PEPE is.

Moreover, PEPE Meme Coin has a circulating supply of 420.69 Trillion. Imagine the chaos when the PEPE price reaches $1, and the market cap will come to 420 Trillion, way more than the GDP of all countries combined. The crypto market is not ready to handle such situations.

The target of $0.0001 is much more realistic for PEPE as it can surge this much if the trend continues. However, considering market instability and almost no advancements in PEPE features, it is challenging to see PEPE at $0.0001. Still, the PEPE community is quite enthusiastic about these gains and has predicted at least ten times more profits.

Final Thoughts

The overall crypto market sentiments are neutral, but sentiments for PEPE are bullish, which might continue the PEPE price rally for days. With its recent gain, PEPE Meme Coin has taken over the market and is making way to the $0.0001. If the trend continues the way it did at the start of the year, the target of $0.0001 will be achievable. However, there’s a slight possibility of bears taking over the gains. Let’s see how the price moves next.

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