Governor Adeleke gives daughter, Nike, one year ultimatum to get married

  • A video of Davido’s cousin, Adenike, with her dad, Governor Ademola Adeleke, on her YouTube channel has gone viral.
  • In the viral clip, Adenike interviewed her dad and asked several questions about his political career, love for music, other kids and his general well-being.
  • However, one of the moments in the trending clip that stirred attention the most was when the Governor gave Adenike an ultimatum about marriage.

Osun State Governor Ademola Jackson Adeleke has again shown that he is not a regular Nigerian politician.

A video of him on his daughter’s TV show, Nikos Living, has gone viral. In the trending clip, the Osun state Governor spoke about his political career, why he loves dancing and how other politicians treated him because of his love for music.

During the interview with Adenike, she shared how her father reacted when she graduated from the university. The governor asserted that when Nike finished school, it was his proudest memory of her.

Governor Adeleke gives daughter, Nike, one year ultimatum to get married Dmartpreneur
Nike Adeleke

The highlight of Adenike’s interview with her dad was the moment the governor asked his daughter to bring him a man for their wedding.

Like Ooni of Ife who told his 30 year old daughter to bring her man home for marriage, in the viral clip, Governor Adeleke gave Nike one-year ultimatum to find a man amongst all her ‘toasters’ to settle down with.

In reaction, men trooped to the comments to beg for Nike’s hand in marriage amongst other responses. See post and reactions:

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bobbylina_: “Having this kind of dad, to get married will be hard because she is already married to her dad and she is happy.”

daezy_obi: “Omoo you must be richer than her father before you approach her.”

are_poly: “Adeleke’s family has something in common which’s thier “voice.”

funny_kante: “Omo make she come marry me.”

iam_dele_official: “This lady can’t be single…. She is too beautiful to be single.”

stil_ez: “And she Dey tell me make I wait say she never ready ‍♂️please daddy tell her oo.”

iam_bmodel: “This man is a typical example that no matter how busy you are as a man, you don’t have any excuse not to be in your children’s lives. A very lovely man.”

kingjamescfr: “Tunde Marry her nau Abi u dey forbid to be OBO in-law?”

mcreality01: “U need blood money before you marry enter this family if not. Nah you as the man go answer her papa name.”

ada_la_pinky: “They are so beautiful in their family.”

scoobynero: “Even when he is been serious , he is still a vibe n plays it out super cool ❤️ This Man his different.”

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