Gov Lawal Reveals ‘Secret’ Bandit Negotiations in Zamfara

Claims have surfaced that unidentified individuals are engaging in negotiations with bandits in Zamfara State without the knowledge of Governor Dauda Lawal.

During an appearance on the Channels TV Sunrise Daily program on Tuesday, Lawal disclosed this information.

The governor mentioned a meeting with President Bola Tinubu, in which he briefed him on the security challenges within the state.

In his own words, Lawal stated, “Somebody is secretly negotiating with the bandits behind our backs, without my consent as the state governor.”

He added, “We have some knowledge of those involved in dialogues with the bandits.”

Expressing his frustration, he said, “I had to personally meet with the President to discuss and clarify the harsh reality of the security crisis we are dealing with.”

He questioned, “How many times will negotiations be proposed, and on what grounds?”

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