GameStop Crypto GME Price Rallies 350% Amid Major Listings

GameStop Crypto GME Price Rallies 350% Amid Major Listings

In an unprecedented turn of events, in the background of GameStop’s (NYSE: GME) stock echoing a frenzy across Wall Street with a price rally, the GameStop (GME) crypto appears to have emerged as the talk of the town of the crypto community. Standing as a tribute to GameStop’s saga, the GME memecoin was born on the Solana blockchain, with the coin boasting the vision of ‘showing we can stand up to the big guys together.’

With an astonishing surge of over 350% in just 24 hours, this Solana-based meme crypto has seized the spotlight, especially after receiving support from several prominent exchanges. Let’s delve deeper into these exchanges and GameStop token’s intriguing cryptographic venture.

HTX & Bitget Extend Support For GME

According to the official statements shared by the CEXs HTX and Bitget, the GME token is all set to be listed on the prior mentioned platforms, with preparations commencing today.

As per the official announcement from HTX, the listing process for the GME token has begun. Deposits started at 05:10 UTC today, and the spot trading pair GME/USDT will commence trading once the deposit volume meets the market demand, with an official announcement to be made in advance. Withdrawals for the same will be available from May 15 at 07:00 UTC.

Meanwhile, per Bitget’s announcement, deposits were open, whereas trading began on May 14 at 09:00 UTC. Similar to HTX, the spot trading pair to be listed is GME/USDT, with withdrawals for the same beginning on May 15 at 10:00 UTC.

Notably, emerging amid the token’s phenomenal 350% bull run, these listings have further propelled a stockpile of speculations among investors over potential investment opportunities. As spotlighted by Arkham, a blockchain analytics platform, a trader was noted to have been buying $30,000 of the Solana GME meme coin yesterday, less than 10 minutes after the ‘Roaring Kitty’ a.k.a. Keith Gill posted this tweet:

This phenomenon has raised eyebrows across the global crypto landscape, as the trader’s holdings are now worth $571,300. Moreover, it’s worth noting that GameStop stock and the GME crypto have rallied in tandem.

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GameStop (GME) Token Rallies Over 350%

As of writing, GME crypto’s price skyrocketed 370.64% in the past 24 hours and is currently trading at 370.64%. The token’s market cap surged 363.38% to $126.14 million, followed by a 24-hour volume upswing of 350.63% to $202.83 million.

Although it’s worth mentioning that Roaring Kitty’s post on X mentioned nothing about GameStop crypto or stock, the phenomenal chronological alignment of events has taken the crypto market by storm.

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