Former Defense Chief, General Irabor Supports the Closure of Banex Plaza

General Lucky Irabor, a former Chief of Defense Staff, has expressed his approval for the closure of Banex Plaza in Abuja, stating that an attack on soldiers is tantamount to an attack on the state. The incident at Banex Plaza involved a scuffle between traders and two soldiers over a phone complaint.

Following the altercation, military personnel arrived at the plaza and closed it down on Monday using several Hilux vehicles. Irabor condemned the unfortunate event at Banex Plaza, emphasizing that it is wrong to engage in any form of aggression towards a uniformed individual representing the state.

Irabor asserted, “Any attack on a uniformed personnel is an attack on the state, and it should be unequivocally denounced by all well-meaning Nigerians. I stand in solidarity with the decision to shut down Banex Plaza until all those responsible for the disgraceful incident are brought to justice to prevent lawlessness.”

He further acknowledged the media’s coverage of the incident but stressed the importance of providing a comprehensive background when initiating discussions. Addressing concerns about the Army’s silence on the matter, Irabor noted that it is the duty of the government to speak on their behalf.

In urging for collaboration from Banex Plaza’s management in the investigation, Irabor called for unity in ensuring the culprits are held accountable for their actions.

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