FLOKI Price Soars 14% Amid Revolut Listing, Rally To Continue?

Floki price revolut listing

FLOKI, the meme coin sensation, has surged by nearly 14% today, signaling a renewed frenzy among investors. This surge comes on the heels of a major listing announcement on Revolut Business, Europe’s largest neobank and retail trading app, stirring up anticipation for further price appreciation.

However, it’s worth noting that the meme coin has noted significant traction lately, amid a flurry of listing and other related developments.

FLOKI Soars Amid Revolut Listing

The FLOKI price has noted a surge of almost 14%, indicating a resurgence of interest among market participants. Notably, the primary catalyst behind this surge is the recent revelation that FLOKI is now live on Revolut Business. This marks a significant milestone that facilitates easy access for businesses across Europe to purchase FLOKI, thus propelling its visibility and adoption.

Meanwhile, the announcement of FLOKI’s listing on Revolut Business comes amid a flurry of listing announcements, underlining the meme coin’s escalating popularity and global reach. Notably, FLOKI recently secured listings on the Thailand arm of Binance, the leading crypto exchange, accentuating its traction in diverse geographic regions, including the Asian markets.

On the other hand, the FLOKI crypto has also gained traction by joining Bitpanda’s Meme Coin Leaders Index, contributing to the burgeoning optimism within the market. Bitpanda, a prominent multi-asset exchange based in Europe, confirmed the inclusion of Floki Inu into its renowned index.

Notably, the Bitpanda index is designed to showcase a diversified portfolio of the leading meme coins based on market capitalization. This listing on the index signifies a significant milestone for FLOKI, as it not only enhances its visibility but also underscores its growing prominence within the meme coin ecosystem.

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Price & Performance Amid Token Burn Proposal

Amid these listing triumphs, the Floki DAO, the decentralized autonomous organization steering Floki Inu’s development, has put forth a token burn proposal. This proposal aims to eliminate over 15 billion tokens from circulation permanently, a move designed to bolster bullish sentiments and drive the meme coin’s price trajectory upwards.

Meanwhile, as of writing, the voting for the token burn proposal commenced on May 14 and will extend until May 16, with an overwhelming 99.8% of votes currently in favor of the burning initiative. Notably, the token burns serve as a mechanism to reduce the overall supply of a cryptocurrency, often leading to increased scarcity and heightened demand, thus potentially fueling further price appreciation for FLOKI in the days ahead.


During writing, the FLOKI price soared 14.52% to $0.0002192, after touching a 24-hour high of $0.0002229. Its trading volume also surged more than 75% to $886.48 million at the same time. Notably, the leading meme coin has added over 31% in the last seven days, while witnessing a monthly growth of over 40%.

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