Enugu Community in Distress as Ancestral Lands Face Threat of Seizure

Residents of Edeaniagu Clan in Ishi-Ozalla Community, Nkanu West Local Government Area of Enugu State have raised concerns once again regarding an alleged scheme by certain individuals in the area to unlawfully claim their ancestral lands.

Despite interventions from governmental and Christian bodies, reports of ostracization persist in Edeaniagu.

The community has now reached out to the Inspector General of Police, the Commander of the 82 Division Nigerian Army in Enugu, and other security agencies, seeking protection from the recent surge in kidnappings targeting their people.

They have vowed to remain undeterred by any intimidation in their pursuit of peace, justice, and equality in Ishi-Ozalla, where all citizens are to be treated fairly without discrimination.

During a meeting that involved key stakeholders from Edeaniegu Clan, held in Enugu, they also urged Governor of Enugu State, Dr. Peter Mbah, to address the escalating crisis in the community promptly before it escalates further.

Chief Odirachukwu Nweke, the Youth Leader of Edeaniagu Clan, expressed astonishment at the audacity of certain individuals who persist in oppressing others, emphasizing that land grabbing is considered sacrilegious in their community.

He remarked, “We recently urged the global community to come to Ishi-Ozalla and witness how we coexist and distribute resources.

“Despite our clan’s central position in the community, the majority of the community lands are ancestral, encompassing the village square, markets, and sites housing our deities.

“How can someone be a landlord for many years and allocate more land to others than to themselves? Or claim ownership of where they reside.

“We are committed to exposing the longstanding manipulations in Ishi-Ozalla for the truth to prevail.

“Now, they are beginning to boast that they will leverage government connections to grab our lands from us. Our ancestors will protect us against such acts,” he affirmed.

Additionally, octogenarian Chief Anthony Nweke cautioned against trespassing on any of the Edeaniagu Clan’s ancestral lands, advising those contemplating such actions to abstain to prevent what he referred to as a generational curse.

Chief Nweke lamented the absence of traditional rulers in the four autonomous communities of Ozalla Kingdom and over twenty communities in Nkanu West Local Government Area, urging elders and stakeholders in the Ozalla Kingdom not to overlook the issue.

Chief Joseph Nweke, another elder from the community whose son was recently abducted, criticized the barbarity of targeting Edeaniagu people for kidnapping and urged security agencies to swiftly respond to the challenges.

He affirmed that the Edeaniagu people were the indigenous inhabitants of Ishi-Ozalla and challenged anyone with differing claims to provide concrete evidence of their migration history, pointing out that no individual from Edeaniagu held leadership positions in the traditional or Town Union of the community.

“We are determined to get to the bottom of this issue. We have had enough of intimidation and discrimination against our people on their own ancestral lands.

“Just a few days ago, job opportunities were available at UNTH. We discovered that Ishi-Ozalla received 10 slots, as did the other autonomous communities in Ozalla. Unfortunately, none were allocated to Edeaniagu residents.

“This injustice has persisted for decades, despite our family’s land dedicated to the hospital being more significant than 10 hectares. This is sheer wickedness.

“We were also informed of a planned reconciliation visit to our area, where individuals intend to seek forgiveness and pledge allegiance on behalf of the Edeaniagu Clan.

“It is time to invoke the spirits of our ancestors to fight our battle,” he cautioned.

The community once again implored Governor of Enugu State, Dr. Peter Mbah, to grant their request for an autonomous community as a crucial step towards achieving lasting peace, fairness, unity, and progress.

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