Drake Joins Sexyy Red And Raps Over ‘BBL Drizzy’ 

Drake is turning lemons into lemonade.

The Canadian rapper joined Sexyy Red on her new project. On the song, “U My Everything,” Drake raps over the infamous “BBL Drizzy” beat.

“Why you love me? Still a mystery/ Me and the surgeon got history/ I changed a lot of girls’ lives for real/ They need a new body, they hittin’ me,” he raps.

“BBL Drizzy, they want a new body, they ask me for it/ The last one, Jung, he did it for free ’cause I sent over so many past ones for him.”

The BBL accusations began to resurface on the internet after Rick Ross dissed Drake on “Champagne Moments.”

“You ain’t never want to be a n-gga anyway, n-gga. That’s why you had an operation to make your nose smaller than your father nose, n-gga,” Ross said in the outro of the song.

“I unfollowed you, n-gga, ’cause you sent the motherfucking cease-and-desist to French Montana, n-gga. You sent the police, n-gga, hatin’ on my dog project” explaining where the “beef” started from in the first place.

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