Delta State Protests Erupt Over Zoning Dispute in LG Election

On Tuesday, protesters from Nsukwa in Aniocha South local government area vented their frustration by marching to Delta State Government House to demand clarity on which clan should provide the next local government council chairman.

Hailing from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and identifying as Concerned Nsukwa Clan Youths, the protestors blocked the Government House entrance, adamant that Nsukwa clan should have the opportunity to produce the upcoming chairman.

They obstructed access to the Government House in support of their stance on the zoning matter.

Various placards conveyed their messages, including statements like “Nsukwa Clan is not a political slave”, “Advocating for equity, fairness, justice, and balance in Aniocha South”, “Youth of Aniocha South support Nsukwa Clan mandate”, “Rejecting political impunity, manipulation, and oppression in Aniocha South”, “Standing for equity”, and “Nsukwa Clan Council Chairmanship 2024 is non-negotiable.”

Other messages read, “Senator Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa, let Aniocha South breathe”, “Rejecting family business in Aniocha South”, “Nsukwa Clan deserves the Council Chairmanship”, and “Nsukwa Clan demands Council Chairman or no deal”.

The protest disrupted traffic, affecting both vehicle and pedestrian movements for hours as the protestors peacefully paraded through the streets with their signage.

This demonstration followed the resignation of Hon Joan Onyemaechi, who stepped down as Commissioner in the Governor Sheriff Oborevwori-led government to pave the way for her brother to contend for the Council chairmanship.

While it was hoped that her sacrifice would restore peace, the local government remains in turmoil as conflicting factions persist in the zoning dispute.

Her relinquished position as a commissioner seems to have been in vain, given the ongoing struggle over the same zoning arrangement.

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