‘Clarification on the absence of a hotel’ – Nigerian Correctional Service speaks out

Addressing concerns, the Nigerian Correctional Service, NCoS, emphasized that the Correctional Service Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society, COCOS, Hotel and Gardens Project did not receive funding from the Federal Government.

In a statement on Wednesday in Abuja, the agency’s Public Relations Officer, Umar Abubakar, highlighted that the hotel was initiated as an investment of the NCoS Cooperative Society.

Responding to inquiries regarding the facility, the spokesperson clarified that the hotel, featured on the Service’s official Facebook page, was solely to enhance staff welfare. He underscored that it was a result of strategic planning and efficiency by the agency’s cooperative unit.

Expressing puzzlement at attempts to undermine legitimate investments, Abubakar mentioned that the “COCOS hotels and Gardens” were officially launched on 1 March 2021, by the former Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola.

Dismissing the circulated information as not only deceptive but also designed to mislead the public, Abubakar stressed, “It is important to note that the hotel in question was constructed in 2021 and is exclusively the property of the Correctional Cooperative Society.”

“The cooperative society was created for all personnel of the service and was established in 1996,” he added.

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