China develops world’s largest fully electric ‘river to sea’ cargo ship

The world’s largest, fully electric “river to sea” ship, code-named: Green Water 01 (which is now fully operational), has been launched by China’s liner carrier COSCO.

It is estimated that the ship will save 3,900 kg (8,600 pounds) of fuel for every 100 nautical miles. With a main battery capacity of more than 50,000 kilowatt-hours, more battery boxes can be added to the vessel for longer excursions.

A report published by the South China Morning Post (SCMP) claims that 1,600kWh of electricity may be added to battery boxes the size of standard 20-foot containers in order to increase the cargo ship’s range.

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Though the Green Water 01 can travel as fast as 19.4 km/hr, or about 10.5 knots, there is still potential for advancement. This, in contrast, is more than twice the maximum recorded velocity of a typical cargo ship.

In spite of this, China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company, or COSCO, boasts that its invention may save up to 3,900 kg of gasoline for every 185 kilometers (about 100 nautical miles) it travels. Additionally, this vessel offsets 12.4 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

State-owned global company COSCO not only transports hundreds of container ships daily, but it also loans its ships to Chinese manufacturers so they may sell their electric vehicles in Europe and other new markets.

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