Bold move by Enugu Govt: EEDC offices sealed in backlash against disconnection threats

Following the recent disconnection notices issued to certain customers for unpaid electricity debts, the Enugu State Government has taken a drastic step by sealing the corporate headquarters of the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company, EEDC, along with its branch offices.

Emeka Ezeh, the Head of Corporate Communications at EEDC, made this revelation in an official statement on Tuesday, highlighting the disruptive impact on their operations.

EEDC disclosed that the Enugu government is a major debtor, owing a whopping N1 billion out of the N180 billion total unpaid electricity debts in the region.

Describing the unexpected turn of events, Ezeh stated, “Upon our arrival at the office this morning, we were shocked to find our Corporate Head Office sealed by the Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA).

“This action took us by surprise as there was no prior notification from the agency regarding this closure.”

He further explained, “The security personnel on duty informed us that a group of individuals arrived in the early hours of Tuesday at 1:53 am and locked the gates, claiming to act on the directive of the State Governor.”

“Our Abakpa, Awkunanaw, and Ogui District offices faced a similar fate with their entrances sealed and locked.”

Despite the situation, Ezeh pointed out, “At present, there has been no official communication from ECTDA to clarify the reasons for their actions.”

Speculating on the connection to the prior disconnection notices, Ezeh mentioned, “We suspect that this move is linked to the disconnection announcement by EEDC to defaulting customers, scheduled for today, June 11, 2024.”

“The Enugu State Government is among the debtors, with an outstanding N1 billion owed to EEDC. It’s crucial to note that the majority of the state government’s facilities have meters installed, ruling out estimated billing as an issue.”

Concluding the statement, Ezeh emphasized, “EEDC is owed approximately N180 billion in total debts and is poised to implement disconnection measures against defaulting customers.”

Prior to these events, EEDC had issued disconnection notices to the Enugu State Government, alongside other state governments and entities in the southeast region, owing a cumulative N180 billion in unsettled electricity bills.

As of now, the Enugu State Government has not provided any explanation for the closure of the EEDC offices.

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