Bitcoin (BTC) Price Downtrend Is Over Now, New ATH Soon?

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Downtrend Is Over Now, New ATH Soon? Dmartpreneur

Soon after the release of the US CPI data on Wednesday, the Bitcoin price rallied another 6% surging past $66,000 earlier today. As of press time, BTC is trading at $65,780 with a market cap of $1.295 trillion. Amid today’s move, BTC has given a very crucial breakout above the resistance of $64,000 thus opening the gates to a rally further to new all-time highs.

Bitcoin downtrend Is Over

Popular crypto analyst Rekt Capital reported that the Bitcoin downtrend is reportedly over amid the current breakout.

“The Bitcoin Bull Market is not over. But time and time again, the market will try to shake you out of your positions before you are able to profit significantly from them”, added Rekt Capital.

Rekt Capital also stated that Bitcoin is displaying initial indications of diminishing sell-side momentum, manifesting a gradual curl around the $60,000 support level. Sustained support around $60,000 is crucial for this trend to evolve further and potentially initiate an upward movement. “BTC’s current breakout to $66,000 just shows that it doesn’t take much to turn it all around,” he noted.

BTC Preparing for New All-Time High?

Popular market analyst Peter Brandt stated that the Bitcoin price is very much on its way to a new all-time high level. To attain this, BTC must give a decisive breakout above $67,000 with strong bullish action.

On the other hand, popular market analyst Alex Kruger points out several indicators that are positive for Bitcoin going ahead. Alex noted: “Stocks are at all-time highs. Long rates topped. Dollar, topped as well. Bitcoin is at 66K. The world economy is growing. Powell is dovish. Central banks are about to start cutting rates. QT tapering is about to start”.

Crypto analyst Michael van de Poppe has observed Bitcoin’s resilience in maintaining support at the $60.5K range, indicating a significant development in the market.

According to van de Poppe’s analysis, Bitcoin has recently experienced an upward breakout, suggesting an imminent period of stability and potential growth. Van de Poppe further predicts that this period of calm in the Bitcoin market will likely coincide with accelerated growth in altcoins.

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