Binance Exec Hospitalized Sequel To Collapse In Nigerian Court

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Binance executive Tigran Gambaryan experienced a medical emergency on Thursday while attending his money laundering trial in Abuja, Nigeria. Gambaryan fainted in the courtroom, prompting Justice Emeka Nwite to direct Nigeria’s prison authorities to take him to Nizayime Hospital, an upscale private medical facility in Abuja, for immediate treatment. This incident underscores the seriousness of the situation surrounding Gambaryan’s trial and raises concerns about his well-being amidst legal proceedings.

Tigran Gambaryan’s Hospitalization & Family’s Account

Yuki Gambaryan, the spouse of Tigran Gambaryan, expressed distress over her husband’s deteriorating health and treatment during his trial. Despite showing signs of severe illness, Gambaryan was still required to appear in court, where he ultimately collapsed. Yuki highlighted the dire conditions within Kuje Prison, where Gambaryan has been held for seven weeks, describing them as devastating. She emphasized that her husband, despite being a strong and healthy individual, is facing overwhelming challenges in this environment, shedding light on the human aspect of the situation.

Additionally, it was revealed that Gambaryan, along with Nadeem Anjarwalla, Binance’s regional manager based in Kenya, was detained for refusing to hand over customer information of the company’s Nigerian users. The collapse in court occurred as Gambaryan was about to face charges related to a $35 million money laundering scheme allegedly involving Binance, his employer. This development adds layers to the complexity of the case and raises questions about the circumstances surrounding Gambaryan’s detention and the charges against him.

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Legal Proceedings and Future Steps

As Gambaryan’s trial unfolds, the challenges he faces become increasingly apparent. Despite being denied bail due to being considered a flight risk, Gambaryan’s lawyers continue to advocate for his urgent medical care. His incarceration in Kuje Prison, known for its harsh conditions and notorious detainees, further exacerbates concerns about his health and safety.

With his next court appearance scheduled for June 14, where he will face tax violation charges filed by Nigeria’s Federal Inland Revenue Service, Gambaryan’s legal battles show no signs of abating. The postponement of his money laundering trial until June 20 prolongs his ordeal, which began with his detention on February 26 following a regulatory dispute regarding Binance’s operations in Nigeria. As the legal saga continues, the outcome remains uncertain, leaving Gambaryan and his family grappling with the uncertain future.

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