Big Daddy Kane Dislikes The Kendrick Lamar & Drake Beef

Big Daddy Kane recently shared his thoughts on the ongoing feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, expressing that he wasn’t particularly invested in the showdown. Speaking with The Art of Dialogue, the rap legend, known for his own history in rap beefs, revealed his waning interest in what’s been dubbed one of the greatest rap battles. “I was trying to keep up with the Kendrick and Drake thing but I kinda lost interest. It just wasn’t exciting to me — not because of them two, but because of the fanbase. The fanbase just made it to where, eugh, I’m good.”

Kane elaborated on his discontent with the fans, stating, “It’s not a competitive thing about who spit the better bars. It’s a thing about fact-checking to see if this person told the truth. It’s like, if the line is dope and he dissed you, it’s dope. It’s that simple […] Why are we trying to critique and decipher what was said? It’s just a dope rhyme. Enjoy the music, man, for what it is.”

His dissatisfaction extended beyond the artists themselves, emphasizing, “It just wasn’t for me. It’s not about Kendrick or Drake; it’s the fanbase, the listeners and their comments and their views. They make it unenjoyable for me.”

Kane’s sentiments echo those of Questlove, who recently criticized the feud for its lack of substance and the toxic atmosphere it created within hip hop culture. Questlove, in an Instagram post, lamented the absence of genuine skill in the feud, labeling it as a spectacle devoid of moral integrity. He challenged both Kendrick and Drake to elevate their game beyond mere spectacle, urging them to consider the consequences of their actions.

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