BBNaija star Chizzy Francis raises concerns over colleagues’ lavish lifestyles

  • Reality TV star Chizzy Francis raises concerns about peers’ extravagant lifestyles on X platform.
  • Francis questions how colleagues afford luxury cars without endorsement deals, hinting at potential improprieties.
  • Francis highlights pressure on hardworking individuals caused by peers’ lavish spending habits.

Reality TV personality Chizzy Francis has taken to the X platform to raise concerns over the lavish lifestyles of some of his fellow celebrities.

In a statement that has sparked widespread speculation, Chizzy Francis hinted at potential means through which his colleagues afford their lavish expenditures, including luxury cars worth millions of Naira.

Chizzy Francis, expressed incredulity over the apparent lack of endorsement deals among certain peers, juxtaposed with their extravagant spending habits.

Chizzy Francis questions source of colleagues' wealth
Chizzy Francis.

“Not even one endorsement deal, yet you still splash on cars worth millions of Naira,” he lamented.

The reality TV star didn’t stop there. He went on to suggest that some of his contemporaries might be engaging in dubious activities to fund their opulent lifestyles.

Without explicitly stating the nature of these activities, Francis hinted at potential improprieties, indicating that they might be resorting to unsavory means to maintain their facade of affluence.

Moreover, Francis expressed concern about the societal impact of such behavior, emphasizing the pressure it places on hardworking individuals striving to earn an honest living.

In his words;

Not even one endorsement deal, yet you still splashes car that worth millions of naira.

Mounting pressure on those that put in hard work to earn a living. I cover my as with the blood of Jesus.”

In other news, Former BBNaija housemate Francis Chidi, popularly known as Chizzy, has reportedly wed his newfound love in a secret ceremony that has sent shockwaves through social media.

Chizzy, who rose to fame during his stint on the BBNaija reality TV show, has become the subject of congratulatory messages as a video capturing moments from his wedding circulated online.

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