Analysis by NBS reveals the costliest states in Nigeria

Nigeria’s top three most expensive states on a year-on-year basis are Kogi, Bauchi, and Oyo, having recorded the highest figures in All Items Inflation.

Meanwhile, when looking at the month-on-month basis, Lagos, Ondo, and Edo take the lead as the priciest states in Nigeria.

These findings are based on the National Bureau of Statistics’ latest report on consumer price index and inflation for April.

The report highlights Kogi state with 40.84% inflation in all items, followed by Bauchi at 39.91% and Oyo at 38.37%.

On the other hand, Borno (26.09%), Benue (27.53%), and Taraba (28.69%) experienced the slowest increase in headline inflation year-on-year.

Switching to a month-on-month perspective, the highest inflation rates in April 2024 were observed in Lagos (4.52%), Ondo (3.35%), and Edo (3.27%), whereas Kano (0.30%), Ebonyi (0.97%), and Adamawa (1.25%) had the slowest inflation rise for that period.

Reports from NewsNow show a notable surge in headline and food inflation in April, reaching 33.69% and 40.53%, respectively.

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