Allegations of Benue APC Against Alia Government Regarding Disruption of Rep’s Thanksgiving Mass

In Benue State, the All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused Governor Hyacinth Alia’s government of orchestrating the violent disruption of a Thanksgiving Mass organized by House of Representatives member Sesoo Gboko in Konshisha Local Government Area.

The disruptive incident took place at Annunciation Catholic Rectory in Tsuwe Daka, Shangev Tiev of Konshisha Local Government Area of Benue State on Sunday.

The APC claimed that the thugs who caused the disruption were financially supported by the Caretaker Chairman of Konshisha Local Government Council, Philip Achua, and the Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Aondowase Kunde.

In response to these events, the Benue Publicity Secretary of the APC, Daniel Ihomun, stated in a release on Tuesday, “This repeated aggression is unacceptable. The APC in Benue State sees this as a significant departure from the prevailing peace efforts within Benue communities and a blatant incitement to disorder and turmoil by the Alia-led administration.”

“The party no longer tolerates such acts of violence against its members, which have now extended to the church community,” Ihomun added.

“The bold and senseless attack on the church and the House of Representatives member is evidence of the resurgence of thuggery and other societal ills under the current government in Benue State,” he continued.

“This constitutes a clear violation of people’s freedom of association, a fundamental human right that any responsible government must safeguard.”

“The party urges concerned citizens of Benue, Nigerians, and all democracy supporters to strongly condemn this worrying trend, which is gradually taking hold in Benue State under the Alia Administration,” the statement concluded.

“These troubling events vividly illustrate the seriousness of the remarks and threats previously made by Governor Fr. Hyacinth Alia, suggesting that individuals who criticize his government will face severe consequences,” it added.

“The party applauds the composure and peaceful demeanor of Hon. Sesoo Ikpagher and the Parish Priest of the Annunciation Catholic Rectory, Tsuwe Daka, amidst this unjustifiable attack by thugs appointed to government positions by Governor Alia,” the statement continued.

“We urge security agencies to enhance their oversight to ensure fairness in state politics, as the desire and right of people to freely associate cannot be suppressed by any means,” it concluded.

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