AI News: Oracle, Microsoft Team Up with OpenAI for AI Expansion

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Oracle and Microsoft are partnering with OpenAI to extend Microsoft Azure AI platform to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

This partnership is expected to help meet the growing need for more powerful computational resources in AI through OCI’s strong infrastructure.

Oracle and Microsoft Enhance Azure AI with OCI

Oracle is preparing to expand the Microsoft Azure AI platform by partnering with Microsoft and OpenAI and linking it to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This is expected to create a lot of space for growth for AI innovations thus enabling OpenAI to expand its operations in order to address the needs of the expanding client base. 

OpenAI, the company that launched the language AI model ChatGPT, has over 100 million users monthly with this number increasing as AI is incorporated into different software and business solutions.

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, was equally excited about the partnership saying, “OCI will extend Azure’s platform and enable OpenAI to continue to scale.” Larry Ellison, the Chairman and CTO at Oracle, added on this, saying,

“The race to build the world’s greatest large language model is on and it is driving unlimited demand for Oracle’s Gen2 AI infrastructure.”

Global AI Innovators Leverage OCI’s Capabilities

OCI is known for having one of the best AI infrastructures and is now set to include the features of the Azure AI platform. The infrastructure encompasses OCI Supercluster that can expand up to 64k NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs or GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchips with ultra-low-latency RDMA cluster networking. 

This architecture allows for multiple AI tasks, including generative AI, computer vision, and others.

Not only does OCI cater to OpenAI, but it also supports a wide range of AI innovators across industries worldwide. Companies such as Adept, Modal, MosaicML, NVIDIA, Reka, Suno, Together AI, Twelve Labs, and xAI utilize OCI Supercluster for training and inferring next-generation AI models. This capability reflects Oracle’s commitment to providing high-performance, cost-effective solutions for AI applications.

Expansion of AI Collaborations and Integrations

Concurrently, Microsoft has also revealed its partnership with UAE’s G42 which is a company that deals with AI and cloud computing. This comes after Microsoft made a $1.5 billion investment in G42, to boost the development of AI in UAE and make the country a hub of Artificial intelligence.

Omar Al Olama, the UAE’s Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence said that this is in line with the UAE’s AI vision to position the country as a global AI hub.

In addition, Apple has revealed that it will incorporate OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its iPhone operating systems, which is a major improvement in the capabilities of Siri. This integration is in the new iOS 18 update which is expected to come with enhanced artificial intelligence aspects to enhance the use of the operating system.

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