A School Teacher Gets Life Imprisonment for Sexually Assaulting a Seven-Year-Old

In a significant ruling, the Ogun State High Court in Abeokuta has handed a life sentence to Ojo Ezekiel, a 47-year-old secondary school teacher, for sexually assaulting a seven-year-old girl.

Convicted on a single charge of rape, Ezekiel was first brought to court on July 1, 2022, under the provisions of the Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Law of Ogun State 2017.

It was disclosed that Ezekiel taught at a secondary school situated in the same vicinity as the victim’s school.

The prosecuting counsel, Olusegun Olaotan, informed the court that the victim’s mother noticed something amiss with her daughter’s private parts while bathing her.

Upon being questioned, the seven-year-old confided in her mother about the teacher’s sexual abuse.

In the course of proceedings, Olaotan detailed, “The victim, while testifying in court as the second prosecution witness (PW2), recounted how the accused would inappropriately touch her private area, causing harm.”

“Testimony from the third prosecution witness (PW3), a medical doctor, supported that of the victim by confirming signs of sexual assault,” Olaotan added. “The doctor noted that there was physical evidence of damage to the victim’s hymen.”

He stressed that the victim unequivocally identified the defendant as the perpetrator, alleging repeated instances of abuse.

The victim described how the assaults would occur in the teacher’s parked car beneath a tree after school, warning her not to disclose the wrongdoing under threat of punishment.

Based on the substantial evidence presented, Olaotan urged the court to deliver justice for the victim by holding Ezekiel accountable for his actions.

Consequently, after finding the prosecution’s evidence convincing, Justice Abiodun Akinyemi handed down a life sentence to Ezekiel for the crime of rape.

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