5 Trending Altcoins Worth The  Hype

5 Trending Altcoins Worth The  Hype

As the market shifts from neutral to a greed zone, it becomes the perfect time to enhance the portfolios to make the most of bullish market conditions. After weeks of slow or sideways market shifts, many cryptocurrencies lost the gains, but now the prices will rise. Not only is it the time to invest in Bitcoin, but a few altcoins are equally capable of the same profits. This is why, in this blog, let’s discuss the five trending altcoins worth the hype.


Solana’s hype comes after its meme coins, which gained huge profits in this slow market. Just recently, Solana has started to gain its value back with the recovery of the crypto market. Solana is currency trading at $173.02 and has just gained an 18% hike this week. The altcoin is now closer to its ATH record of $260.06 after exhibiting a rewarding performance last week.


PEPE is the top preference of investors in altcoins due to its high targets and achievements. This year only, PEPE has risen twice to the new ATH, bringing profits to the investors. Just recently, PEPE made a new all-time high of $0.00001156 and is currently trading at $0.000009459. Impressively, PEPE set this record when the crypto market is down. Now, the expectations are on the next level for the time when the bull run arrives.


Toncoin hype began after its involvement in Telegram’s ads payment program. Due to continuous collaborations with such a famous social media platform, Toncoin has built its image in the crypto market as well. At the time of writing, it is trading at $6.47 and is just 15% away from its ATH target of $7.65, set just a month ago. If the trend continues for this altcoin, a new ATH might happen in the next few days.


Chainlink has surged 22% in the last few days, bringing its value to $16.46. The altcoin has continuously surged since November 2023, when it gained the biggest profits in March. Being among the top 20 cryptocurrencies of CoinmarketCap, Chainlink is the perfect altcoin to carry in portfolios while waiting for the altcoin season.


Dogwifhat is among the most popular Solana meme coins, gaining popularity minutes after its launch. Throughout the past five months, dogwifhat was on the list of top gainers due to its continuous gains. At the moment of writing, it is trading at $2.58 and has the potential to surge to $10 this year because of its popularity and demand in the market. Dogwifhat exhibited its best performance in March, and a market recovery will initiate the same rally again.

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